Modular system

Since MAQUIARIDOS started designing the MAQCONVEYORS products, have focused on the concept of modularity, an idea that, along with the quality, defines our machinery.


The definition of module is: “piece or unitary assembly of parts that are repeated in a construction of any type, to make it easier, regular and economic.”

Following this principle, MAQUIARIDOS has developed a system of standardized modules, which are assembled by screw connections to form the belt conveyor.

In MAQUIARIDOS we have an important stock of modules, ready for assembly on the conveyor, from sections of framework of different lengths, to drive drums, maintenance walkways or top covers.

This system provides, among others, the following advantages:

pointIt allows mass production.

pointVery tight delivery deadlines thanks to our product stock.

pointVery easy modifications or extensions of conveyor.

pointReusability of the 100% of the conveyor.

pointMaximum utilization of transport.

pointVery simple and fast assembly.

In short, modularity allows us to give our clients a better service to their needs